Review: Suldusk – “Lunar Falls”

This album is so perfect. There is no other way for me to describe it. The blend of acoustic/dark folk & atmospheric black metal has every fiber of me melting in a puddle of pure awesomeness!

The journey begins with an ambient intro of crow sounds and a single not that leads into an acoustic & melodic progression, setting the mood for things to come. There’s so much to love about the neo-folk progressions that transition into atmospheric black metal that are found in several songs on this album. The music is beautiful & intricate, ethereal. It makes me think of a combination of groups such as So Hideous & Ulvesang. Also reminds me of a group that used to be from around my area called Mthr. The vocal harmonies are haunting, like heard in “Three Rivers” and “Nazaré”. The music brings a sense of relaxation, but at the same time, while reading the lyrics, brings forth existential feelings. Such as the lyric “bounded by the void we are” from “Drogue” or pretty much the whole song.  The journey ends on the “Sovran Shrines”, the last touch in what is an amazing musical conception.

This is an album I highly recommend for everyone. Not only will this be a top favorite for the year, but also an all time favorite. I’ve listened to the record in various mental states, whether happy, stressed, depressed and have found enjoyment in the music. I need more music like this, then of course I wouldn’t have this album on repeat as much as I do! Great album and can’t wait to hear how the music progresses.


Release Date: 12 April 2019

Label: Northern Silence Productions

Rating: 10/10


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